Restaurants in Italy

Italy’s culinary universe goes far beyond pizza and pasta. From the top of the boot in Milan to the tip of the toe in Sicily, there’s a wide array of cuisines and regional specialties to explore.

Restaurants in Italy
Restaurants in Italy

As far as stereotypes go, the one about Italians and food is true, and there’s more: we’re proud of it. Do we think of food all the time? Very much so. Are we great cook? Many of us are. Is Italy a great destination for foodies? Well… of course it is.

So, regardless of the season, when you are in Italy, food must become an important part of your trip: it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a budget or walk around with a fat wallet: good, genuine, authentic Italian food is available for all pockets. The restaurants in this specific article, however, are a tad more special than others, as they’ve been voted the best in the country. Each year, the people of the Michelin Guide, compile their own list of the best eateries in the country, following criteria such as ambience, service, creativity and, of course, the taste of the dishes. Many of the chefs leading them have been also voted the best in their field by these very same institutions.

Complete List of Top Restaurants in Italy

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